Broken Arrow
02/06/2010 12:16 pm

     Patriot Freedom believes it is time that We the People declare Broken Arrow┬Ł in both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Partial Representation, mis-representation, or no representation at all seems to be the norm these days of our elected officials in every branch of Government.

     Broken Arrow can best be described as a military term meaning: A code phrase that a ground unit is facing imminent destruction from enemy attack and all available air forces within range are to provide support immediately. Also can be used to describe accidental events involving nuclear weapons.

In either case, the term means immediate attention, Patriot Freedom will now use it to describe the current condition of our Elected Officials.

     Squabbles, bickering, and accusations every day between the aisles of both Houses must stop. We the People did not elect school children to represent us. We elected what we thought were statesmen; Men and women with moral backbone, Statesmen who know the code of right and wrong within them, Representatives who choose to vote on principles of the good of all America, and not one party.

     Our elected officials continue to erode the faith of the American people on a daily basis.

     A senator should, must, not only represent the State in which he was elected to the best of his ability, but also represent America as a whole, according to the U.S. Constitution. Not being a false leader with only party affiliation. Not Democrat, not Republican, not Independent, but United States Senator or Congressmen. Representing all America and what is best for it as a whole.

Watching our leaders today. The American people do not see, nor do they even sense a bit of respect for our officials. Our elected leaders have lost that respect and trust.

     A sense of losing values permeates across this land as never before. Patriot Freedom wishes to restore those values. Values America holds dear. Patriot Freedom wishes to help restore our faith in our Elected Officials and for our Elected Officials to help restore their faith and dignity in themselves and their own high responsibilities. Large or big business seems to be what Congress represents these days. Wall Street, Banking institutions, selects few individuals, is what congress represents. All of  We the People see that and we were hoping some of our Elected Officials would stand upright to counter the wave of indifference, but you did not! You sank under pressure, you gave in. You compromised your principles over what was the right thing to do. You blatantly voiced your opposition to the majority of the American People, by passing a financial recovery bill without even reading or discussing it, Regardless of what the future of it might do. You let yourselves be persuaded by fear (False Evidence Appearing Real).

     As stated earlier We the People see and hear quite clearly now. We see our leaders, whom we elected, acting with no regard to the founding fathers conformity with original intent. Patriot Freedom now asks the citizens of the United States to use the soapbox as a platform to speak to our Elected Officials to voice your opinions and questions. The time has arrived to restore faith, honor, and integrity in both houses of our Government. We ask and encourage all of our Elected Representatives to join in with their responses and to become the Individual Statesman this Country deserves, just as our Founding Fathers were.

     It is time to unite our Nation. Not time to undo the very glue that binds this Nation together, our people, our Constitution, or trust. It is not too late. Let us unite our voices. Remember, when the people lead, the government will follow.

     Patriot Freedom asks all to join us in our high responsibilities for the preservation of the Union. We all have a duty to perform, not without a sense of existing dangers, but not without hope said Daniel Webster.

    So lets all grab hold of what our Founding Fathers built, bring it to the present, apply it, and save the future of this Nation.

Jim Kelly

Frank Paolantonio

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