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Jim Kelly
-If Obamacare is such a great law, shouldn't it apply equally to everybody?
Dont worry, You will still have to pay
This is a picture of any American WAITING TO BE SEEN BY A DOCTOR UNDER

REMEMBER THIS SAYING....“Medicine is the keystone of the arch of socialism.”
- Vladimir Lenin

Health care mandate to be enforced by IRS 'bounty hunters'

Indeed, some prominent government officials who lobbied hardest for Obamacare are now also joining waiver-mania — including liberal Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden, who has been pushing for an individual mandate exemption for his state of Oregon, and Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska, who is pushing to waive Obamacare’s burdensome 1099 reporting requirements of small businesses. Fearful of retribution by HHS Secretary and chief inquisitor Kathleen Sebelius, who has threatened companies speaking out about Obamacare’s perverse consequences

State-Mandated Policies: Approved Applications for Waiver of the Annual Limits Requirements

Updated 1/26/2011  List Here
Visit Patriot Freedom's Health Care Page for  more
on the Health Care Socialized Medicine Program
Obamawant to shove down your throat...
Robert E. Lee: A Man Without a Country for 110 Years 01/30/2011
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Jim Kelly
Robert E. Lee: A Man Without a Country for 110 Years

Several states officially recognize and celebrate January 19 as Robert E. Lee’s birthday, including the state of Virginia as part of Jackson-Lee Day which falls on the Friday before the third Monday in January, Martin Luther King Day. The state of Texas celebrates Lee’s birthday on the 19th of January as part of Confederate Heroes Day, while Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi celebrate it concurrently with MLK day.
On the other hand, Georgia commemorates Lee’s birthday on the day after Thanksgiving, while Florida names January 19 as a legal and public holiday in honor of the Confederate general.  
Historians recall his many early successes in the American Civil War (War Between the States) including the Battle of Fredericksburg, the Battle of Chancellorsville, the Battle of the Wilderness, the Battle of Cold Harbor, and the Second Battle of Bull Run (or Second Manassas).
Following his victory at Fredericksburg, General Lee, a normally quiescent and thoughtful individual, was “jubilant, almost off-balance, and seemingly desirous of embracing everyone who calls on him,” according to the Richmond Examiner.
At Chancellorsville, Lee, outnumbered five to two, won what some historians consider his greatest victory of the war, while his victory at the Battle of Cold Harbor caused Union General Ulysses S. Grant later to write: "I have always regretted that the last assault at Cold Harbor was ever made.... At Cold Harbor no advantage whatever was gained to compensate for the heavy loss we sustained."

Even the Seven Days Battles, which ended essentially in a draw, caused Lee to note how close a major victory was over his numerically superior enemy:  “Our success has not been as great or complete as we should have desired … Under ordinary circumstances the Federal Army should have been destroyed.” 

James M. McPherson, in his book Battle Cry of Freedom, noted that at the Battle of the Wilderness, "Both flanks [of Grant’s army] had been badly bruised, and [his] 17,500 casualties in two days exceeded the Confederate total by at least 7,000."

The Second Battle of Bull Run had the same result as the first, with the Union army retiring from the field of battle. Union forces suffered about 10,000 killed or wounded, while Lee’s Confederates lost about 8,300, and Union General Pope’s reputation was ruined as a result. As noted by Brig. Gen Alpheus S. Williams,
A splendid army almost demoralized, millions of public property given up or destroyed, thousands of lives of our best men sacrificed for no purpose. I dare not trust myself to speak of this commander [Pope] as I feel and believe.  Suffice to say … that more insolence, superciliousness, ignorance and pretentiousness were never combined in one man.
In addressing the Southern Historical Society on February 18, 1874, Benjamin Hill referred to Robert E. Lee as “The Marble Man":
He was a foe without hate, a friend without treachery, a soldier without cruelty, a victor without oppression, and a victim without murmuring. He was a public officer without vices, a private citizen without wrong, a neighbour without reproach, a Christian without hypocrisy, and a man without guile. He was a Caesar, without his ambition, Frederick, without his tyranny, Napoleon, without his selfishness, and Washington, without his reward.
Lee was also, following the end of the war, a man without a country. 
In agreeing upon terms of the surrender of his army at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865, Lee appointed three officers to oversee the parole of his army. The Proclamation of Amnesty and Pardon for Lee’s soldiers that resulted had several excepted classes, including field commanders who had to make a special application to the president to regain full citizenship in the Union. Since Lee was excepted, he applied to President Grant, and sent this letter to President Johnson on June 13, 1865:
Being excluded from the provisions of amnesty & pardon contained in the proclamation of the 29th [of May], I hereby apply for the benefits & full restoration of all rights & privileges extended to those included in its terms.
I graduated at the Military Academy at West Point in June, 1829. Resigned from the U. S. Army [in] April, 1861. Was a General in the Confederate Army, & included in the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia 9 April, ’65.
On October 2, 1865, Lee signed his Amnesty Oath which says, in part, "I, Robert E. Lee, at Lexington, Virginia, do solemnly swear, in the presence of almighty God, that I will henceforth faithfully support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and the Union of the States thereunder, and that I will, in like manner, abide by and faithfully support all laws and proclamations which have been made during the existing rebellion with reference to the emancipation of slaves, so help me God."
That Oath, however, was never processed until an archivist at the National Archives discovered it in 1970. On August 5th, 1975 a joint resolution by both houses of Congress was signed into law by President Gerald Ford, finally giving Robert E. Lee, the man without a country for 110 years, full rights of citizenship. As President Ford said:
This legislation corrects a 110-year oversight of American history….Lee’s dedication to his native State of Virginia charted his course for the bitter Civil War years, causing him to reluctantly resign from a distinguished career in the United States Army and to serve as General of the Army of Northern Virginia. He, thus forfeited his rights to U. S. citizenship….
Lee’s character has been an example to succeeding generations, making the restoration of his citizenship an event in which every American can take pride. 
Today those citizens who remember their history honor the birth of a man who, when faced with hard choices, made the one that reflected his character, integrity, and loyalty to eternal principles. 
original story at NEW AMERICAN
Photo: Lee as president of Washington College, Lexington Virginia, in late 1869
YOU are the terrorist 01/30/2011
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Jim Kelly
YOU are the terrorist
read below why YOU are identified
There’s no doubt that the Washington Post’s eight page “Monitoring America” story is correct when it states that Homeland Security is building a gargantuan database of every website you visit, every email you send and every phone conversation you have in order to genuinely hunt down terrorists.
The problem is, according to numerous law enforcement advisories, training manuals, seminars and other literature, the federal government defines political activism, flying American flags, wearing Levi jeans, being nice, looking “normal” and going scuba diving all as signs of domestic terror.
By encouraging Americans to “report suspicious activity” that includes such behavior, the feds are knowingly on a mission to chill political dissent, by making people afraid to exercise their constitutional rights in the fear that their neighbors will turn them in to the authorities unless they rigidly control their behavior and don’t risk even patently benign activities being misconstrued.
The following is a list of behaviors, actions or interests that the federal government, via centralized threat fusion centers that collate such information, considers to be potential signs of terrorism under the MIAC Report.
- Displaying bumper stickers and other paraphernalia associated with the Constitutional, Campaign for Liberty, and Libertarian parties
- Supporting Congressman Ron Paul
- Supporting former presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin
- Supporting former Congressman Bob Barr
- Opposing the implementation of a North American Union
- Owning gold bullion
- Displaying historical U.S. flags
- Opposing abortion
- Talking about the documentary Zeitgeist
According to an earlier document issued by the Joint Terrorism Task Force (page 1page 2), the following behaviors, actions or interests are also signs of terrorism.
- Being interested in animal rights
- Being a “lone individual”
- Making numerous references to the U.S. Constitution
- Defending the U.S. Constitution
- Claiming driving is a right, not a privilege
- Refusing to identify yourself to an authority figure
- Attempting to monitor the actions of police
- Being bald
Under the terms of a A Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Law Enforcement pamphlet, the following behaviors, actions or interests are also signs of terrorism.
- Being a “nice guy”
- Wearing Levi jeans
- Communicating predominantly by cell phone, email or text message
- Looking “normal” in appearance
- Renting a car
- Staying in a hotel or apartment
- Renting a storage facility
- Using cash to make large purchases
- Using pre-paid cellphones or hand-held radios
- Owning large amounts of medicines, alcohol, or baby formula
- Gaining support for a cause by holding meetings, public rallies, or demonstrations
- Gaining support for a cause by using websites, posters, leaflets, or underground press publications
- Possessing a photo-copy of your drivers license, passport, social security card or birth certificate
- Possessing or purchasing GPS technology
- Walking, biking or driving near “potential targets”
- Taking photographs of “potential targets,” including bridges, power plants or government buildings
Under the terms of a Virginia training manual used to help state employees recognize terrorists, the following behaviors, actions or interests are also signs of terrorism.
- Being a property-rights activist
- Trying to influence government or social policy
- Undermining confidence in the government
- Using a sketch pad, camera, map, binoculars or scuba equipment
Do you fit into any of these categories? Do you wear Levi jeans, act like a “nice guy,” look “normal” or support Ron Paul? Maybe you’re a complete asshole, hate Ron Paul, look like a complete freak of nature, and only ever wear Lee jeans – but wait – you like scuba diving! Oh no, you’re a terrorist. Your name will be in a threat fusion database somewhere, and under the new definition of what constitutes a terrorist, which federal agencies are working under and promoting, your neighbor will be acting perfectly reasonably when they inform on you to the authorities because you rented a hotel room, used a large amount of cash, or possess a significant amount of alcohol.
Former FBI agent Michael German correctly identifies the fact that the “Monitoring America” program has more to do with discouraging Americans from engaging in any kind of dissent than it does with catching real terrorists.
“Treating innocent citizens as suspects flies in the face of our most fundamental American values and does not make anyone safer. Americans must to be able to meet and debate without fear that their associations and dissent will end up in a law enforcement database. Law enforcement already has the authority it needs to fight crime and terrorism without sacrificing the rights of those it seeks to protect,” said German.
This is about making every American in the country fear a knock on the door from Homeland Security because if they misbehave in any way, if they show any kind of dissent against the state, or even if they merely engage in completely innocent activities that are subsequently misconstrued by an informant society that has been trained to suspect anything and everything as possible terror, they could become a target.
Welcome to the new America – a decrepit and decaying banana republic where the government tells its people to spy on each other – a country where everyone is a potential terrorist and just as in Orwell’s 1984, will come under suspicion if they don’t rigidly conform and ensure that their behavior displays the maximum amount of fealty and subservience to the state.
Buying foreign oil costs America OVER $1 Billion EVERY day. 01/30/2011
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Jim Kelly
Buying foreign oil costs America OVER $1 Billion EVERY day.
To be exact, America sends $379 Billion overseas EVERY year to buy foreign oil, 
which supports FOREIGN countries and FOREIGN jobs.
Like President Bush said, we are "addicted" to oil.  
America's consumes:  20,800,000 barrels/oil/day
America produces:  7,460,000 barrels/oil/day
America needs over 13 million barrels/oil/day
Without oil:

America's economy shuts down
Companies go out of business
The military can no longer defend our homeland
Schools close
Stores close
Food is no longer available or affordable
Hospitals close
People lose their jobs, then they lose their homes, their standard of living and lifestyles, 
their health, and eventually move into caves.
The Good News!
America has more oil than all of the countries in the muslim/middle east combined!
Bad News:
We buy over 60% of the oil we need from foreign companies in foreign countries.  Some of this oil 
originates from companies and countries that do not like us and want to destroy America. 
This needs to stop, IMMEDIATELY! 
When America buys the oil it needs from muslim/middle east countries, we are supporting them!
Why does America continue to support muslim/middle east countries, by buying their oil?
Why does America support muslim/middle east economies, by buying their oil?
Why does America support muslim/middle jobs, by buying their oil?
Some of these radical muslim/middle east countries support international terrorism.
Some of these muslim/middle east countries take the dollars we send them to buy the 
(foreign) oil we need, and make bombs and bullets, and send our boys back in body bags.
This is "beyond dumb." 

We believe it's insane!

The Solution
It's time to place a Foreign Oil Tariff on every barrel of foreign oil coming into our country.
Let's start by placing a Foreign Oil Tariff of $10 per barrel in year 1, 
and increase this by $5.00/barrel every year.
The revenues from the Foreign Oil Tariff will then be used to jump-start America's 
Enhanced Oil Recovery technologies,
Renewable Energy Technologies.

The Cure to America's Debt & Jobs Crisis???
Tax Every Barrel of Foreign Oil Coming into the U.S. to 
Enhanced Oil Recovery technologies & America's  
own Renewable Energy Technologies
Start Producing America's Oil!

Let's Get Americans Back to Work Recovering America's Oil Through 
Enhanced Oil Recovery & Renewable Energy Technologies!

America Needs America's Oil!
Patriot Freedom
Egypt's Mubarak sends in army, resists demands to quit 01/29/2011
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Jim Kelly


Egypt's Mubarak sends in army, resists demands to quit

(Reuters) - Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak refused on Saturday to bow to demands that he resign after ordering troops and tanks into cities in an attempt to quell an explosion of street protests against his 30-year rule.
Demonstrators were still out in the streets in the early hours of Saturday morning, as were looters. Parts of Cairo looked like a war zone, filled with smoke, rubble and the choking smell of tear gas.
Mubarak dismissed his government and called for national dialogue to avert chaos after a day of battles between police and protesters angry over poverty and autocratic rule. Medical sources said at least 24 people had been killed and over a thousand injured in clashes in Cairo, Suez and Alexandria.
"It is not by setting fire and by attacking private and public property that we achieve the aspirations of Egypt and its sons, but they will be achieved through dialogue, awareness and effort," he said in a televised address, his first public appearance since the protests began four days ago.
The unprecedented unrest has sent shock waves through the Middle East, where other autocratic rulers may face challenges, and unsettled global financial markets on Friday. U.S. President Barack Obama said he had spoken with Mubarak and urged "concrete steps that advance the rights of the Egyptian people."
The army, deployed for the first time in the crisis, cleared Cairo's Tahrir square toward midnight. Shortly after Mubarak's speech, protesters returned in their hundreds, defying a curfew. They said sacking the cabinet was far from enough.
"It was never about the government, by God. It is you (Mubarak) who has to go! What you have done to the people is enough!" said one protester.
Shots were heard in the evening near parliament and the headquarters of the ruling National Democratic Party was in flames, the blaze lighting up the night sky. Cars were set alight and police posts torched.
A Reuters team saw a gang of looters storm into a bank and carry out the safe.
More than half of the dead in Friday's clashes were reported in Suez, the eastern city which has been ground zero for the most violent protests over the past four days.
Mubarak, 82, has been a close ally of Washington and beneficiary of U.S. aid for decades, justifying his autocratic rule in part by citing a danger of Islamist militancy. The Muslim Brotherhood opposition, however, appears to have played little role in the unrest.
The protests were triggered by the overthrow two weeks ago of Tunisian President Zine al-Abidine Ben Al Ben Ali. Street protests in Tunis focused on similar issues of poverty and political repression. Demonstrations have also flared in Yemen, Algeria, Sudan and Jordan in recent weeks.
"There will be new steps toward democracy and freedoms and new steps to face unemployment and increase the standard of living and services, and there will be new steps to help the poor and those with limited income," Mubarak said.
"There is a fine line between freedom and chaos and I lean toward freedom for the people in expressing their opinions as much as I hold on to the need to maintain Egypt's safety and stability," he added.
Obama also called on the Egyptian government to halt interference in access to the Internet, mobile phone service and Internet social networks that have been used by protesters.
"I want to be very clear in calling upon the Egyptian authorities to refrain from any violence against peaceful protesters," he said.
Anthony Skinner, Associate Director of political risk consultancy Maplecroft, said Mubarak's conduct was reminiscent of that of Ben Ali in his final days in power.
"Mubarak is showing he is still there for now and he is trying to deflect some of the force of the process away from himself by sacking the Cabinet.
"We will have to see how people react but I don't think it will be enough at all. I wouldn't want to put a number on his chances of survival -- we really are in uncharted territory."
Markets were hit by the uncertainty. U.S. stocks suffered their biggest one-day loss in nearly six months, crude oil prices surged and the dollar and U.S. Treasury debt gained as investors looked to safe havens.
"I think the next two to three weeks, the crisis in Egypt and potentially across the Middle East, might be an excuse for a big selloff of 5 to 10 percent," said Keith Wirtz, president and chief investment officer at Fifth Third Asset Management in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Many protesters are young men and women. Two thirds of Egypt's 80 million people are below 30 and many have no jobs. About 40 percent of Egyptians live on less than $2 a day.
Elections were due to be held in September and until now few had doubted that Mubarak would remain in control or bring in a successor in the shape of his 47-year-old son Gamal.
Father and son deny that Gamal is being groomed for the job.
(Additional reporting by Dina Zayed, Marwa Awad, Shaimaa Fayed and Yasmine Saleh,, Alison Williams and Samia Nakhoul in Cairo, Alexander Dziadosz in Suez; Writing by Angus MacSwan and Ralph Boulton; editing by David Stamp)

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